6Q Governance / Introduction

How do I know 6Q Governance works?

6Q Governance was developed from a research handbook published by Standards Australia [1]. Cases were conducted of successful and unsuccessful projects in typical and exemplary organisations and diagnostic questions were developed to identify what needed to be asked to have assurance projects will succeed. 6 Questions were found to be sufficient. These 6 questions were then tested against a large database of international projects and found to correlate quite strongly against project success [2].
[1] Standards Australia. HB280 Case Studies – How boards and senior management have governed ICT projects to succeed (or fail)Young R editor (Standards Australia, 2006).
[2] Young, R., Chen, W., Quazi, A., Parry, W., Wong, A. & Poon, S. K. The relationship between project governance mechanisms and project success: An international dataset. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business. (2019) DOI: IJMPB-10-2018-0212



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April 6, 2019