6Q Governance / Introduction

6Q Governance launches at last

It’s November 2021 and years of hard work have finally come to fruition. Many thanks go to my co-author Vedran Zerjav, the publishing team at Wiley, and a small army of volunteers that have helped us to review and improve the book. It will soon hit bookstore shelves with the title:

Project Benefit Realisation and Project Management
The 6Q Governance Approach

Our hope is that every time Boards or their delegates approve a project they will hand their project sponsor a copy with the words “here … this will help”.

Like project managers, project sponsors are often handed the role by ‘accident’. Nothing in their background has prepared them for this role and they are expected to suddenly know how to steer and guide a project to success. It is not that easy and the book and now this website have been created to help project sponsors navigate unfamiliar terrain.

The book uses case studies to present the experience of past project sponsors and condense their advice into 6 guiding questions to implement Policy, Strategy, and create value through projects. This website has been created to support the book and provide a forum for project sponsors to discuss issues in detail. In the coming months, we will steadily build a library of posts that summarises the best advice (proven by research) that has ever been published. Please subscribe to our blog for weekly/monthly insights on how to effectively guide your projects to realise the expected business benefits. If you need advice immediately contact us directly if the forum is not yet up and running.

Good luck with your projects. We’re here to help…

PS. We have also created a sister website for project managers: www.pmcompetency.com. We encourage you to direct your project managers to our sister website to have a forum to discuss issues and to learn to understand projects from a senior management perspective.



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