6Q Governance

Project Governance – A Board, Top Manager & Corporate Governance Perspective

With time on my hands because of COVID restrictions, I’ve decided to create a course to share my experience on project governance. Normally you would have to enrol in a university course to be exposed to these ideas so I hope you find these videos valuable.

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Introduction and Overview

A common language – Boards, Managers, Strategy, Projects, and Governance
The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Project Governance
6Q Project Governance
6Q Governance – the Dilbert version
The financial case for project governance

Additional Material (Opens in another tab)

Additional project governance concepts: https://youtu.be/0UfQkBbS-a8

Is the Board ready to embrace project governance? https://youtu.be/moNV8Bsrspo

A brief history of corporate governance: https://youtu.be/tlOdSGlup5s

The crisis in risk management: https://youtu.be/0uarQai2qpc



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